Notice Me Lyrics – SZA

Notice Me Lyrics – SZA [Verse 1] You stay on mine, I can’t regret no time spent with you And I still wonder if you notice me, yes Out of my line if I box with you Out of my line if I check your line when you’re not around Out of my lane if … Read more

Used Lyrics – SZA

Used Lyrics – SZA [Verse 1: SZA] Guess I been used to being used like this Ain’t no difference, I’m immortalizing my thoughts Praisin’ [?] for protection Over my most prized possessions Talkin’ ’bout my sanity’s at a 6.7, handin’ out poinsettias To my dead homie mothers, prayin’ they feel better Might get shit mindin’ … Read more

Blind Lyrics – SZA

Blind Lyrics – SZA [Verse 1] Niggas want me to get ratchet Niggas want me to attack it Put the hood on, now they callin’ me Cassius Raunchy like Bob Saget Greedy, I can’t pass it Eatin’ everything, nigga, no fasting I don’t care how much you knew me in the past tense I ain’t … Read more

Love Language Lyrics – SZA

Love Language Lyrics – SZA [Verse 1] Said, “Patience ain’t no virtue with you” I done wasted plenty time pacin’ around, ain’t this coo’? You with bitches on the side and let my mind wonder too You relentless, nigga, I don’t need rent, nigga Text me like I’m waiting for you to come lie to … Read more

Low Lyrics – SZA

Low Lyrics – SZA [Intro] (Tell ’em it’s you) (I’m at the loot, I’m at a rage) (Oh, stay out the way) [Pre-Chorus: SZA] Cummin’ down the side of me, I like to get it poppin’ But these bitches in my business got me all cho-chosin’ violence If you see me out in public, you … Read more

Seek & Destroy Lyrics – SZA

Seek & Destroy Lyrics -SZA [Verse 1] You push me past my own capacity, boy Permission to crash, collectin’ damages, boy No reachin’ and grab, been far more clarity now Seek and destroy, oh, missiles deployed [Chorus] Do it to you, do it to you I had to do it to you Do it to … Read more

Kill Bill Lyrics – SZA

Kill Bill Lyrics – SZA [Verse 1] I’m still a fan even though I was salty Hate to see you with some other broad, now you happy Hate to see you happy if I’m not the one drivin’ [Pre-Chorus] I’m so mature, I’m so mature I’m so mature, I got me a therapist to tell … Read more

SOS Lyrics – SZA

SZA SOS Lyrics [Verse] Last night I cried Give me a second, give me a minute Nah, li’l bitch, can’t let you finish Yeah, that’s right, I need commissions, oh my All that sauce you got from me All that shit I gave for free All I wanted, babe, wanted, babe This ain’t no warnin’ … Read more