I’m Havin Lyrics – Gucci Mane

I’m Havin Lyrics – Gucci Mane

[Verse 1]
I’m havin’ big money, like Puff back in the ’90s (Zaytoven)
I’m havin’ different labels biddin’, tryna sign me (Well, damn)
I’m havin’ big old diamond rings, like lil’ [?] (Brr)
Now I’m the million dollar man to [?] (Cha-Ching)
I’m havin’ guns on top of guns, like I’m Bin Laden (Grrah)
I’m havin’ soldiers, I get you whacked, they think I’m plottin’ (Bah-bah)
Just bought a plot of land, new plan for my new mansion (New mansion)
Just had a baby, might have two more, my clan expandin’ (‘Wop)
She want the [?] all in my ceilin’, think I’m fancy (I’m fancy)
I’m havin’ private planes, big Phantom when I’m landin’ (Well, damn)
I’m havin’ snipers ’round all times, can’t take no chances (No chances)
I’m havin’ dinner with my tender, not in Kansas (Not Kansas)
I’m havin’ big cash-outs and figures when we gamblin’ (I won)
I’m on a yacht, this bitch so big, look like Titanic (It’s you)
They need to give me a corner office in Atlantic (I’m him)
I got rich quick, came overnight, didn’t even plan it (Yeah)

Yeah, it’s a new year
I ain’t rockin’ nothin’ but new gear
I even put new stones in my ear (Wow)
Yeah, and I know they want half
How I’m havin’ it, you dig what I’m sayin’?
But I can’t cut my stash in half
I can’t halve that, I’m big half and it’s Guwop

[Verse 2]
I’m havin’ shows on top of shows, I’m havin’ racks (I’m havin’ racks)
I’m havin’ rari’s, Phantom, Ghost, I’m back to back (He back to back)
I’m havin’ Grammy nominations, I’m speakin’ facts (I’m speakin’ facts)
Been havin’ accolades, awards, all kind of plaques (Huh?)
I’m havin’ diamond teeth, don’t speak, no need to chat (Bling)
I’m havin’ flashbacks countin’ up cheese, like havin’ sex
I’m havin’ rank ’em, havin’ pull ’em, cuttin’ the check (I’m cuttin’ the check)
I’m havin’ fun, makin’ my haters more upset (I got ’em mad)
On 1017, we have baguettes top of baguettes (Bling, blaow)
She see my neck went into cardiac arrest (Hot, how?)
We pull up in somethin’ these haters don’t expect (Skrrt)
Havin’ success, but in the streets, I get respect (Huh? ‘Wop)

It’s Guwop
Huh, the job ain’t done
More money, more cars, more ice, huh
So Icy Life, huh

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