Neuroprison Lyrics – Jesus Piece

Neuroprison Lyrics – Jesus Piece

Serving a life sentence for my crime of being alive
Rot forever, live the cycle
It’s a place I’ll never escape
Break my hands just to pacify
The rapid pain settles me
Boiled over, sweet release

Down to the second I’m trapped in this prison
A racing mind offers no peace
Locked down with chains of anxiety
Racing thoughts are all that haunt me
Stood still in a neuroprison
The world still turns around me
Time flies as I do my time
While the days blend together
I fear that I’m losing my grip
A disconnect that cannot be fixed

Cycle through the same subjects the same thought processes
Though closure is unattainable I still dwell
Stood still in a neuroprison
The world still burns around me

Sentenced to life in my mind
Tear down the walls of the neuroprison

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